Saint Nicholas by Lewis

St Nicholas altar, Veliny. Licenced under GNU Free Documentation License.

In English we are reading a book called Millions. The main character in the book talks about different saints all the time so we had to pick a saint to research.Saint Nicholas was born in parta’ lyncia. During his life he was a monk and a saint Saint Nicholas is also known as Santa Claus he is called Santa Claus because when he was alive he gave people gifts.

He is the patron saint of  thieves and children and he is also known as the victor of the people. He was born in 1245  in parta in the third century. His feast day is on the 6th of  December just before christmas  he is also the bishop of Myra  he died in 1847.

Saint Nicholas took his name from St nicholas of Mrya at whose shrine his parents prayed to have a child. He gained a reputation as a preacher and a confessor In 1274 he was sent to tolentino which is very close to his home town were he sufferd from cival strife between the guelephs who supported the Pope  and ghbellines who supported the Holy Romen Emperor  in their struggle for control of Italy. Saint Nicholas was primrly a pastor to his flock of people. He is mostly described to have a grey beard and a big long stick he has on green and white robes but Coca Cola made him change to red and white because its thier colours.


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