Luigi Scrosoppi by Lauren

I’m going to write about st Luigi Scrosoppi because we are reading a book called ‘Millions’ by Frank Cottrell Boyce in English. The main character Damien is obsessed with saints and we decided a saint of our own choice.

Luigi Scrosoppi was born 4th August in Udine, Italy. He had two brothers and two sisters, his brothers were St John and St Charles, he had a very holy family.

He prepared to become a priest at only age 12! He was beatified and canonized by Pope John-Paul in 2011. He is the patron saint of people suffering with aids and the patron saint of footballers.

Fussball by Normanvogel Licenced under CC BY-SA 3.0

He is the patron saint of aids because he cured a man called ‘Fr Peter Changu Shitima’.

Himself and his two sisters opened up a school in 1857 for deaf and dumb girls, he was very close to his family and before he passed away the last thing he said to his sisters was “charity, charity, save them with charity!”

His sisters also helped and looked after orphans.

He worked tirelessly for the poor from the age of seven and in his spare time he played football. His family never had a lot of money from a young age but any spare coins they had they donated to the poor. They were a very nice family.

 He died aged 80 in 1884.

His motto was ‘work, suffer and be silent!’


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