St Andrew by Grant

17th century painting of the crucifixion of St Andrew from the Scots College in Paris. Public domain.

I have been recently reading the novel Millions   by Frank Cottrell Boyce in my English class.  Throughout the book there is a main character named Damien, who’s mother has passed away. He lives with his father and brother Anthony. Damian has a vast knowledge of Saints, nearly for every name Damian can tell you a saint with his or her name and there patronage.

As part of her English project our English teacher Miss McGhee has told us to choose a saint and research him or her. You are allowed to choose any saint at all maybe because they share the same name as you or because of there patronage or maybe it might be your confirmation name. I decided to choose St Andrew mainly because I have a caravan there which I visit weekly and also because he is the patron saint of golf and I play golf.

Here are some facts that I found out about Saint Andrew:-

St Andrew was born in 1st century and died mid 1st century. St Andrew was born in Bethsaida, Israel just outside of the city Galilee. He had one brother named Simon Peter who is now also a saint. Like his brother Andrew was a fisherman he and Simon Peter went out to sea for days upon end catching various fish. St Andrew always done good things in his life and didn’t have a sin. St Andrew became the disciple of John the Baptist and one day John told Andrew about Jesus he said “ Behold the lamb of God “. St Andrew was so amazed with this and left John the Baptist to be a disciple of Jesus. St Andrew was the first disciple of Jesus Christ and really commited himself to Jesus and religion. St Andrew went to Greece and preached the Gospel and always done good deeds.

St Andrew was a martyr and was crucified with an x shaped cross. It is thought that his bones where washed up on St Andrews beach therefore the town being called St Andrews. It is though that this story of being crucified and his bones being washed up is just a legend.


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