St Anthony Of Padua by John

St Anthony of Padua

In English we have been studying the book Millions’ and the book mainly references different saints. The character in such who does  named Damian. We found this very interesting so we decided to do a blog entry on a saint of our choice. I decided to research Saint Anthony because he is my confirmation saint and a real inspiration to me as he is the doctor of the church.

He was born in Lisbon on the 15th of August 1195.When he was young he learned to speak in multiple toungues. 

Only ten years into his short life he joined the Franciscan order because when he was young he saw many martyr die for their faith these include St Bernard, St Peter, St Otho, St Accursius and St Adjutus.

Vicente Carducho – The Vision of St Anthony of Padua. Public Domain image.

St Anthony was given the title “Hammer of the heretics” by the church because he would only preach the true gospel. He is one of the most loveable saints in the Christian community. He was made doctor of the church by Pope Pius XII. He travelled all over the world but one of his worst experiences was when he travelled to Africa where many Christian followers were massacred because of their faith. He brought then back to his church to be buried.

St Anthony Prayer 

St Anthony sadly died June 13 1231 in his patronage town of Padua. He was canonized only one year after his untimely death. He was proclaimed doctor of the church on January 1946.


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  1. Adam B

    This is a very good example of a blog as it includes lots of interesting facts and pictures. The links included help with finding out more information exiting information.


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