St Stephen By Kaitlyn

“Millions” by Frank Cottrell Boyce is the book we are reading in English. The main character Damian loves to talk about saints. Our teacher asked us to research a saint and I chose Saint Stephen because I wanted to find out information about him as he was alive not long after Jesus.

 St Stephen was alive around about 34 – 35 A.D, not long after Jesus’ crucifixion. The name Stephen is Greek and it means ‘crowned one’.

He is a martyr (a person who dies for his faith). Saint Stephen was killed because of his beliefs. He was stoned to death in Jerusalem. He prayed to God to forgive the people who stoned him. He was a young man when he died.

St Stephen’s feast day is celebrated the day after Christmas because he was the first Christian martyr. St Stephen is the patron saint of deacons, stones men, head aches, coffin makers and masons. He is the patron saint of stones men because he was stoned to death.

St Stephen. Public Domain Image (middle)

This is one of his meany prayers.


We celebrate the entrance of saint Stephen’s into eternal glory.

He died praying for those who killed him.

Help us imitate his goodness

And to love our enemies.

We ask though our Lord Jesus Christ your son, who lives, and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one god for ever and ever.



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