St. Adam by Adam


In English we have been reading the book Millions  and we really wanted to find out more about some of saints mentioned in the book .They all seemed really interesting and most of them had very different but unusual backgrounds. I thought long and hard to find a saint that I found really interesting and I choose St. Adam.


He was born in a small town in Poland in August 1845. As a young boy he loved to go to school but out of school he loved to help his father in the garden by planting flowers, weeding soil and trimming bushes this is why he is now the patron saint of gardeners.


Image by Lokal Profil. Licenced under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic


As he got older he really liked to give money to people who lived in the third world which is why he set up the a foundation called the brothers of the order to St. Francis which gives the chance for poor people to express their religion and faiths.


This is why he was beatified in June 1983 by Pope John Paul the second in Krakow, Poland.


Following this his health slowly deteriorated. Because of this he died a few years later due to natural causes.


After his death people felt his life was very interesting and were inspired by it so lots of people felt they should write a prayer about him.


    O! Father, hear!
Thou know’st my secret thought,
Thou know’st with love and fear
I bend before Thy mighty throne,
And before Thee I hold myself as nought.
Alas! I’m in the world alone,
All desolate upon the earth,
And when my spirit hears the tone,
The soft song of the birds in mirth,
When the young nightingales
Their tender voices blend,
When from the flowery vales
Their hymns of love ascend;


2 thoughts on “St. Adam by Adam

  1. Craig

    This blog was a very good read. I found it well written and full of useful information. I also found that the links to the different websites provided further insight into St Adam’s interesting life.


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