St James by Bryan



Public domain image of St James

In English we are reading Millions and a boy called Damian is very interested in saints. So we decided to research it.

My saint that I chose is Saint James. James and his brother John were one of the first disciples of Jesus.

St James is the patron Saint of Spain. His remains  are peppered to bein in Santiago de Composita in a cathedral.

James was the son of Zeebee and was beheaded by the sword of Agrippial.

St James was born in Galilee, Palestine  and died  in 44CE, Jerusale. His Feast day is July the 25th.

St. James, or according to the Spanish form of his name, St. Lago, is also the great military patron of Spain.

As St James sat mending his net in the boat with his brother John and Father Zeebee He must have been in wonder as his partner Simon brought their net in full of fish he caught in command of Jesus.

The first thing James saw after he followed Jesus was his teaching with authority in the synagogue at the cure of Simons mother in law.

We all know that Jesus was the focus of James life from then on, but also its  evident that James held a special place in Jesus’ life.

There is a prayer to St James you will find it here Prayer to St. James.


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