St.Mary by Andrea

In English I have been reading a novel called “Millions” by Frank  Cottrell Boyce.

In the novel the main character ‘Damian’ tends to talk about Saints a lot. So we have been researching our own saints.

 My saint is Saint Mary (Our Lady).

 I picked Our Lady because she was my Confirmation name and she was Jesus’ Mother. No-one knows exactly when Mary, Mother of God was born but her feast day is September 8th although lots of people like to devote the entire month of May to her. Mary’s mother was called ‘St.Anne’ and her fathers name was ‘St.Joachim’. Mary goes by lots of names, Some of them are;

Our Lady. Public Domain image

  •  Mary Mother Of God    

  • Blessed Virgin Mary

  • Lady Of Great Health

  • Lady Mother Of God

  • Queen Of Heaven

  Mary was born in Jerusalem and grew up with her mum and dad. When she turned 14 she was engaged to marry a man called  Joseph. Joseph was a Carpenter and was very loyal to Mary.

 The Name Mary is from the name Mirian, the sister of Moses. During the time of Mary being pregnant with Jesus, her cousin was also pregnant with a little boy who she called John The Baptist.

Mary often liked to say “Do Whatever He Tells You!” by this she was telling people to follow and do whatever God tells you to do!

There is no record of when Mary died but People say that when Mary ended her life, her soul and body was assumed into heaven.


5 thoughts on “St.Mary by Andrea

  1. Craig

    This blog post was very interesting. The link provided other interesting not included in the actual post. FInding out all the different names that Mary has was intreguing as I only knew a few of them.


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