st matthew by carrie marie

In English we are reading Millions and Damian is very interested in Saints. That’s why we decided to search saints. My saint that I chose was St Matthew because it was the name of my old school and i want to find out more about St Matthew

St Matthew by Kevin Wailes [CC-BY-2.0]

St Matthew by Kevin Wailes [CC-BY-2.0]

St Matthew was one of the twelve apostles and he was born in Galilee he was the son of Alpheus .St Matthew was a former tax collector and he was also Jewish. One of St Matthew best miracles was bringing back to life was the kings daughter and also wrote the gospel of Jesus Christ teaching with many miracles   On September in the west he died AD 34  As a martyr A Christian martyr is regarded as one who is put to death for his faith. Hirtacus had Matthew killed at the altar celebrating mass

When Matthew is mentioned in the new testament he is sometimes found paired with Thomas the new testament records that as a disciple, he followed jesus,and was one of the witnesses of the resurrection and the ascension  

Many scholars today such as Raymond E.Brown Believe that canonical Matthew was originally written in Greek by a non-eyewitness whose name is unknown  Matthew is recognised as a saint in the roman catholic eastern Orthodox,Lutheran and Anglican churches his feast day is celebrated on the 21st of September in the west and 16November in the east

 FEAST DAY; September 21st

PATRON; Bankers


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