St Patrick by Nathan


In English we have been reading a book called ‘Millions’ in which Damian talks about saints and our topic is to research a saint . I have chosen to research St Patrick.

Not a lot is known about St Patrick. There are many different stories about his life. St Patrick was born in Kilpatrick in the 380’s and died in Saul March 17th 461. His parents were very wealthy; his father was a deacon, civil official and a town councillor. When St Patrick was 16, Kilpatrick was attacked by Irish raiders and he was taken back to Ireland and sold as a slave where he was a sheep and cattle herder. He was a slave 6 for years before he escaped at the age of 22. After he escaped slavery Patrick stayed in Ireland and that’s when he had a dream where his guardian angel Victor convinced Patrick that God was calling him to serve the people of Ireland.

St Patrick stayed in Ireland for 40 years where he preached and built churches. During his preaching years, St Patrick used the shamrock to explain the Trinity which is ‘There is one God who is father , Son and the Holy Spirit.’ St Patrick was the person who converted Ireland. St Patrick wrote to the King of Strathclyde about a raid by his followers on some of the Irish Saints convents. Most of St Patricks life is known because of the confession which he wrote in Saul. St Patrick wrote this in his last few years. Saul was also the place where St Patrick built his first church.

St Patrick. Photo by Andreas F. Borchert. Licence: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Germany

This is the song of St Patrick.



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