Saint Rose of Lima by Sarah-anne

We have been reading a book in English called ‘Millions’ by Frank Cottrell Boyce in the story the boy called Damian talks about lots of different saints. We are investigating our own saints I am researching Saint Rose of Lima. Saint Rose of Lima was born on 20th April 1586. Her christening name was Isabel but she reminded her mother of a beautiful rose so she earned the title Rose.

When she was 5 her mother tried to teach her how to read and write but she was hopeless. That night she went to the statue of Jesus and asked him to teach her how to read and write. The next morning she told her mother she could read and write but her mother didn’t believe her at first. She showed her the letters she had written and her mother was amazed.

Her father was Spanish and her mother was Indian. When they were struggling with money, Rose worked hard day and night to support them. She began working in gardens during the day and sewed every night. They tried to make her marry but she told them no her heart only belonged to Jesus. They also refused to let her enter a convent.                        

When she was 10 she moved to a little town in Peru called Quivi. Soon after they moved her feet began to hurt and she soon became paralysed.

As she got older she got more and more beautiful each day. One day she feared that she would be loved just for being beautiful so she blistered her lovely face with pepper and her hands with lime.

In the last years of her life she set up a room in her house were she cared for and helped the homeless and the sick.

Nicolás Correa – The Mystic Betrothal of Saint Rose of Lima. Public domain image.



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