Victorian Transport by Christopher and Kieran


In English we have been studying Oliver twist the play. We were assigned groups and we worked together to find out facts. Christopher and I were given Victorian transport. We found out a lot of facts and we would like to share them with you.

Modern designs

One of the first things to be invented was the S.S Great Britain in 1837. It was the first propeller boat because the older boats were steam operated and the first boat made of iron. Bicycles were first made in Britain in 1868 by a lad from Paris called Pierre Michaux and he called it the boneshaker but it would soon be replaced a year later by the high bicycle range. In 1887 bicycles were re-invented to the ones we see now.

SS Great Britain by Henry Fox Talbot. Public domain image

Trains and automobiles

By 1850 there was over 7000 miles of Train tracks all over Britain. In 1841 the railway to Bristol was completed and the English box tunnel took 2 and half years to complete and the overseer was the famous Mr Brummel. The first electric car was made in 1884 by Thomas Parker who was British and it was one of the most ingenious breakthroughs for Britain in the Victorian era. The problem with fossil fuel powered cars  was that the cars went 2 mph.

F Whishaw. Public domain image


Carriages, Railways, trams and trains.

Trams were invented in Britain in 1860 but appeared in U.S.A in 1830. In 1837 the first stage coaches were seen and one of the first common means of transport. Horse buses were only for rich people at the time and by 1850 there was over 7000 miles of Train tracks all over Britain.We also asked expert and technician Mr Johnstone about how the steam train locomtive works and for all you people who dosen’t understand this is how they are how the steam trains work.The most advanced one at that time was the rocket locomotive and  is still used to date.


For videos – BBC class clips

For info –  Click here or Here

Thanks for reading by Christopher and Kieran 🙂


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    THIS IS THE BEST BLOG!!!!!!why does no one else write something this good well done christopher and kieran


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