The Singing Kettle by Zoe and Livia.

My class and I have been studying Scottish poetry and we had to think of who we thought would be a good ambassador for Scotland.

We chose The Singing Kettle, Cilla, Artie, Gary, Kevin and Bonzo as ambassadors for Scotland because they are used to the limelight and they appeal to a huge number of both adults and children. They’ve got the confidence to speak out as they have performed in front of an audience of two thousand people and they did this around twenty times a year. We’ll now tell you about some of the members of The Singing Kettle.

Her husband Artie Treize MBE is also in the group and he’s the driving force behind it. Cilla and Artie both wrote the whole show together and involved their friends making The Singing Kettle.

Cilla Fisher MBE, she has written over two hundred and sixty songs for The Singing Kettle and they have used old Scottish songs to teach children about Scottish culture. Cilla was awarded the MBE for Services to Children’s Theatre. She’s written songs for the Busy Road Show, Health Board and she has did hygiene videos for the Singing Kettle.

Since opening in 1993, the Singing Kettle shop in Kingskettle, Fife, has been visited by thousands of fans from all over the world each year, as far a/field as Australia, Hong Kong, USA and Canada.

This would make them good ambassadors because they’re awarded by the Queen by receiving an MBE which shows they have the qualities of becoming ambassadors. They are also important to us because we grew up watching them.


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