Aircraft By Calum Josh and John

In our English class we are studying Good Night Mr Tom by Michelle Magorian and we are doing a research project on World War Two Airfighters. During World War Two there were several aircrafts but here is one we’re going to talk about.

The British used the P-39 and it was the first fighter with a tricycle undercarriage, This was also brilliant  because its engine was built behind the pilot and it was armed with a large  cannon that fired through the propeller that gave the pilot a better chance of wining the one on one fight.

These aircrafts would have affected William because when he was out with his friends he would be looking at the planes and looking to see if it was a bomber or just a normal plane and he would have seen aircrafts flying over to London when he was travelling to London to go see his mum.

William got sent to the countryside because Hitler was bombing London and he aimed for the main part of London and he also bombed the factories that made the aircrafts.

Here is another aircraft we are going to talk about,

The spitfire was a British and American plane.Hitler was really jealous of these planes so he tried to bomb all the factories  that made the spitfire. When Britain ran out of metal to build the Spitfire Winston Churchill asked the people of Britain to give any old pots or cutlery that people didn’t use to melt the pots down to make metal to build the spitfire. It was a privilege for pilots to fly the spitfire because it was one of the best planes in World War Two and it was brilliant to take enemy planes down in a one on one fighter situation


Air Vice Marshal W F Dickson stands by his personal Supermarine Spitfire [UK Govt Public Domain]

We liked this topic because it was fun to know more about the World War Two planes and what it would be like for William when the planes flew over to bomb London.


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