Victorian Crime and Punishment by Ethan and Adam

Down in the Dungeon by Martin Addison. Licenced with Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.0

Our blog is about crime and punishment in the Victorian era. We are working on the Victorians because of the script we are working on –   Oliver Twist the play.
Crime rates in the Victorian era rose from around 5,000 cases in 1800 to 20,000 cases in 1840. That’s 8 times the amount of 1800.

Different types of crime were treated the same way no matter how big or small. Some minor crimes were drunkenness and prostitution. Another was vagrancy which was when a person wanders around without employment but is perfectly capable of employment. Another minor crime was largency  which was the minor theft of others possessions. This included pick-pocketing which was common among young children; this is the crime that Oliver was blamed for in the play script.
The major crimes in the time were burglary, murder and rape. These crimes were punishable by death of hanging. Another major crime was owing debt to the bank. If you owed debt you would be sent to prison until you paid it off, which is hard to do if you’re in prison, it then fell to your family to pay off your debt and if they didn’t you would stay in prison. These laws were in place until the end of the Victorian era in 1901 when Queen Victoria passed away after almost 64 years on the throne.
A major criminal in the Victorian times was “Jack the Ripper” . This man was considered to be the most notorious criminals of the
19th century. His overall reign only lasted about 12 weeks but this terrifying criminal showed the people of London just how much crime there was in London. Over all the time that Jack the Ripper terrorized London he committed 3-7 murders all of these were prostitutes. After Jack the ripper’s disappearance the London police force was soon introduced. We are studying this topic for our blog, because we are studying the Oliver twist play script for our English class. Thank you for reading our blog about Victorian Crime and Punishment and we hope you enjoyed it and found it interesting. Thank You for reading.

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