The Victorian Empire by Tymon and Jack

In our english class we have been working on Oliver Twist and the Victorian Era. My topic is the Victorian Empire and I an working on it with Jack.

Empire in the Victorian Era Timeline

1819 – Victoria is born

 1826 – The first photograph is taken

 1830 – first steam railway

 1834 – slavery banned in british colonies

 1837 – Victoria is crowned queen

 1838 – charles dickens publishes oliver twist

 1840 – Queen Victoria marries her cousin prince Albert

 1842 – the first mines act

 1843 – charles dickens published the Christmas carol

 1861 – prince Albert dies typhoid fever aged 42

 1870 – charles dickens dies

 1878 – the first lightbulb is made

“Before Waterloo”, by Henry Nelson O’Neil (1868). [Public domain]

extra information

The british empire was at its best when Queen Victoria came to the throne.

The british empire had a population of 400-500 million!

 – The british empire had a quarter of the worlds population.

 – The British army in the past, like all armies, was used to further the foreign policy of the British Government. The difference lies in the nature of the Britain of the twenty-first century and that of the past.

 -In 1882 Britain was in the later stages of making the largest empire the world had ever seen. By the end of Victoria’s reign, the British empire extended over about one-fifth of the earth’s surface and almost a quarter of the world’s population at least owed allegiance to the ‘queen empress’.

The British empire was the greatest empire the world has ever seen.


The British empire began in the 15th and 16th century.


The empire was mostly used for trade during the reign of Queen Victoria.


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