The Blitz by Ross and Scott

In English class we have been reading and learning about Goodnight Mr Tom and World War 2 (WW2). We have been researching the blitz of 1940.

The blitz started on the 7th of September 1940 it was called Black Saturday. 448 people were killed and 1600 people were badly injured . Hundreds of families lost their homes in the bombing. The east end of London people ran to shelter amid the bricks, dust, smoke and smell of bombs.

The most common saying by men and woman was that this wasn’t war this was murder they wouldn’t stand for it. The loudest cry however was where were the guns. Lots of other cities were bombed including industrial cities and ports such as Birmingham , Coventry ,Sheffield , Manchester, Liverpool , Hull and Glasgow .  There were air raids on sea side towns such as Eastbourne and on cathedral cities such as Canterbury .

It was calculated that nearly 2000 shells were fired for every plane that destroyed them but the anti aircraft guns the search lights and the barrage balloons did the job they were supposed to do.

In 1944 Britain faced attacks from new weapons first came the v1, a robot ‘flying bomb’. Then there was a v 2, a rocket that flew so fast no one could hear or see it coming. London was the main target for v 1 and v 2 bombs .

After a lot more attacks on London and other major cities in October 1940 the Blitz finally ended.

The Blitz may have affected William as he was in London at one point in the book. Willie would have experianced the Blitz  if he wasn’t locked away in the cupboard with his little sister. He would have gone into the bomb shelter like Tom did. His house may have been destroyed. He would have lost everything he owned including his presents from Little Weirworld. I think William would have been devastated that he lost his house but he is relieved he gets to go home with Mr Tom.

Thank you for reading

London Blitz [US Govt Public Domain]

London Blitz [US Govt Public Domain]


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