Sir David Livingstone, by Matthew and Philip

David Livingstone would have made a good Scottish Ambassador because he did a lot of things that an ambassador would do.

He made a lot of speeches, passed his exams, represented Scotland well in Africa, help Slave trade and was very nice to other people.

He was born in Blantyre in 1813. Sir David grew up in a hardworking Scottish background. When he was young instead of getting a lot of rest he used most of his spare time, outside of working at the mills, was used to study. His studying all paid off as he became a succesful missionary doctor. He was sent to Africa in 1841, where he spent most of his life. He tried to find the beginning of the River Nile. He found Victoria Falls, on the way he vaccinated lots of Africans. He was involved in getting rid of the slave trade. He got lost and Henry Morton Stanley tried to find him. When he found him he said “Doctor Livingstone, I presume.”

David Livingstone died in 1873(aged 60) while praying. He had a very serious case of Malaria.

David Livingstone [Public Domain]

David Livingstone [Public Domain]


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