Mining Rebecca and Stephanie.

The 19th century was marked by the growth of the mining industry, which was often spurred on by the spectacular events like the California Gold Rush of 1849 and the discovery of Nevada’s Comstock Load Silver deposits a dedicate later. Coal, copper and other materials needed for industry were in great demand and the mining business would remake some parts of the world.

Mine Disasters

For three days between 19th and 21st of February, 1882, the people of Trim don Grange and Kellie buried 74 people. Some were buried in mass graves. Others were laid to rest in a Cemetery a few miles away.

Mining (children at work)

The role of children- a factory might have been filled with machines, but the machines were not complex and automatic like the ones we use today. Early Victorian machines needed constant attention.

What children did?

You may wonder what use any children could be and especially those as young as three or four. One important reason was that children are small and so can get too places adults cannot. In cotter mills for example they were regularly sent in amongst the machines to red head sent them or do other tasks- usually while machines were still running.

our trip to Summerlee

Our class went to summerlee. We seen old houses&mines. it was great fun and we would go again.

The other older people in the mine, had gum guns they had too put wee holes in the wall& fill them up with gum it took around about 2 hours too fill up one. There was little light troches& when they went out the miners knew they had too get out the mine as quick as possible because they knew they were in trouble, the mine had little metal bits on the side off the , mine too keep the roof from caving in , the miners only had a wee sandwich for lunch, they had too eat in when it was covered in dust& dirty coal, some men/boys didn’t wear any shirts& had too lie on rubble & they cuts7burn all over there back and arms because off it, it was really dark in the mine but there eyes were used too it because off all the time the miners had been down the mine for that long.

Entry to an ancient mine by Emmanuel Brunner [<a title="By BRUNNER Emmanuel [CC-BY-SA-3.0]

Entry to an ancient mine by Emmanuel Brunner [CC-BY-SA 3.0]

They were down the mine for at least 8 hours or longer, & the main man off the house went down the mines the children would play with there toys outside& if the main man off the house died meting happened too him, they main mans bother in law or brother would have too n the main man for that amount off time.

It was only men that went down the mine because men are stronger than woman, the men had too get up really early in the morning around half past 5, they still have too do tee water and stuff to get the family sorted for them getting up.

They had too carry down big heavy tools down too the bottom off the mine, (etc), gum gun, bombs, hammers, then light troches, racks, dangerous things.



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