Wolf by Zak

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We have been asked what animal we would save if we could and I have picked the wolf.  I would save this animal because the wolf is a nice and interesting animal and I would like to know more about it.

Gray Wolf by Seney Natural History Association

Gray Wolf by Seney Natural History Association

For example, the wolf is a similar size and shape to a dog and they live in groups called packs.  They live in North America and usually live in woods or snow.  The average pack size is anything up to eight wolves, including cubs and adults. 

Wolves are different from humans,  they have 100 times better smell,  they have different bodies and weigh different amounts eg  95/100 pounds for the male and 80/85 pounds for the female.

Wolves are often confused with lots of different types of dog.  Their back paws tend to be smaller than their front paws.  Their territory can be anything up to 600 square miles.  One of the most important thing about wolves are their teeth which they use to kill prey.  They use them to crush bones and tear flesh. 

Wolves mate only once a year, usually between February and March.  Their pups are born in April or May and the litter size can by anything up to 14 cubs.Wolves are active at all times during the winter months.

This is what a wolf sounds like


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