The Hedgehog by Mary Kate and Angela

Mrs Mitchell told us to write about an animal we would save from extinction. We had to think about it very long and hard and then we finally decided about it.

If Angela and I could save one animal from extinction it would be hedgehogs. Hedgehogs are a small mammal with a prickly spine and have a life span of six years. Their diet is carnivore and it consists of caterpillars, beetles, earthworms and slugs.

Their normal heart beat is one hundred and ninety beats per minute but drop to twenty in the winter because of hibernation. Hedgehogs can run quickly and not many creatures prey on it because whenever a predator comes near the hedgehog’s spine becomes sharper.

Road Traffic , Chemicals and drowning is the most common death for a hedgehog. Hedgehogs are protected but their status is least of concern. It is commonly stated that hedgehogs are native to Africa,Asia and Europe and  New Zealand. There is actually 17 species of hedgehog and their family is the Erinaceidae. The  other animals in the Erinaceidae family are the moonrat and the gymnures.

The hedgehog has five hundred spines. Each spine lasts about a year then it falls off and the hedgehog grows a new one. Many people like to keep baby hedgehogs as pets because they have a relatively social behaviour. They have a humourous squeak that humans love and baby hedgehogs sometimes let a human pick them up by their hands. The only downside to having a hedgehog is a pet is if you have children fleas will be a very big problem because a hedgehog contains up to 500 fleas. In some countries keeping a hedgehog is illegal. Maybe one day having a hedgehog as a pet will be as common as having a cat or dog!!!

We would save hedgehogs from extinction because they are not very harmful if you leave it alone. They also play a big part in the ecosystems because they help maintain the insect population and spread fruit seeds. Their diet is very helpful because they eat a lot of bugs that damage crops.

Young European Hedgehog by Keqs

Young European Hedgehog by Keqs CC BY-SA 2.5


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