Proboscis Monkey By Molly and Stacey

proboscis monkey molly & staceyWe have chosen the proboscis monkey as our animal to save as they are endangered and are also quite cute. As well as us liking them because of there looks but also the way they move around trees as they are talented animals. They can swim, prey and look after their babies.


Protrait of a Proboscis Monkey by Bjørn Christian Tørrissen (CC BY-SA 3.0)

The proboscis monkey is a large orange monkey which is endangered. They are excellent swimmers and have partially webbed feet. As they first hit the water they belly flop right down. Proboscis monkeys are found in either coastal forests or in lowland rainforest close to freshwater rivers. They are mostly noticed by their extremely large nose which can grow to a shocking 17.5cm! However these animals don’t have a long life span which is why they are becoming extinct, as they aren’t producing baby proboscis this means eventually there will be non left, with a short life span of 13.5 years. The baby monkeys aren’t actually born looking like their parents, with a blue face, black fur and tiny nose the monkeys change a lot until they become like their parents.

Juvenile Proboscis by  einalem

Juvenile Proboscis by einalem

Proboscis monkeys live in lowland and forests so it isn’t as easy to find food, apart from fish in the water there’s not that much to eat the monkeys mostly eat seeds which will be found near enough everywhere in the forest, leaves which are found as well also fruits, flowers, small portions of animals. The only fruitthese monkeys will eat is unripe fruit. The sugars in ripe fruits can cause fatal bloating

As they live in the jungle the weather wont always be sunny there will be rain and when it does the rain the monkeys huddle together and stay completely still but every so often they shake to get the rain off. Like people the monkeys travel in groups usually of family but sometimes they have other monkeys join with them just like humans. As they live near rivers they usually eat on land and drink from the rivers.

Although they eat in the river they also swim in water as well, with their webbed feet they glide across the water, they keep their nose and eyes up but the rest of their body in the water. With they’re long tails gliding behind they leave trails as they pass in the water just by moving they’re tail slowly.

Among Asia’s monkeys, male proboscis specimens can reach 50 pounds (23 kilograms), although females only about half that size. Adults light brown fur that turns red around the head and shoulders and gray at the arms, legs, and tail. Only males develop the large nose.

Therefore we think that people should protect the proboscis monkey from becoming extinctandcare about animals that are unfortuantly losing their habitats.


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