The Sumatran Tiger by Heather & Hannah

If you could save any animal in the world what would it be?

The Sumatran tiger, It is one of the most endangered species of tigers on earth, and this is why we chose to write about this tiger. It is a very pretty species of tiger. The Sumatran tiger is very interesting to research and this species of tiger is very rare. It is hunted for it fur coat and for its bones too because of this their numbers have dropped dramatically. At least 40 Sumatran tigers are killed each year by poachers. Now the Sumatran tiger is only found on the Indonesian island of Sumatra of the Malaysian peninsula. There are only 400 of their kind left. Unfortunately the tiger does not breed a lot so this also does not help their numbers. Tigers live in woodland areas and hunt by using a “stalk-and-ambush”. The Tiger may try 10 times to catch food but will only get food 1, so it has a 1 in 10 chance of getting food.


Sumatran Tiger by Rennett Stowe [CC BY 2.0]

At WWF you can sponsor a tiger for only £3 a month and it will save a tigers life. You will be sent pictures and updates on how the tiger is doing. I think this kind of tiger is very cute and would be a great present for someone.

The Sumatran tiger lives in low forests and fresh water swamps here with it people live and kill this innocent animal. It has been estimated that the Sumatran tiger has only 130,000km2 of remaining habitat, but only one-third has some form of protection from developement and logging.

In 1978 it was estimated that there were only 1000 Sumatran tigers. Today there are about 400 individuals still dropping in numbers.

A Sumatran tigers skin was confiscated at a village and is now being investigated Incase this killing of Sumatran tigers happens a lot. Tigers are starting to come into villages and are being killed even if they mean no harm which is usually the case. They are coming into villages because us humans have destroyed their home so the tigers have no place to go.

Thank you for reading and remember to sponsor the Sumatran tiger.


6 thoughts on “The Sumatran Tiger by Heather & Hannah

  1. Heather

    I chose to write about the Sumatran tiger because I think tigers are very pretty creatures and should be help to survive not killed.


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