The Beatles First Album By Ryan & Paul

The Beatles first album was called Please Please me the album was rush released by Parlophone on 22nd March 1963 to capitalise on the enormous success of the title track which had been the group’s second single and their first number one in the majority of UK charts. Ten of the albums fourteen tracks were recorded in just one day.

The iconic front cover was taken at the then headquaters of EMI limited at 20 Manchester square in London West End in early 1963 by Angus Mcbean. EMI remained in the building until 1995 before moving to West London taking the famous balcony railing with them. These include a mixure of stage favourites and Lennon-mcartney originals. The four remaining songs had been committed to tape in 1962 having formed the B-side of their debut release.

Back cover of album by Pacman1979 [CC BY-SA 3.0]

Back cover of album by Pacman1979 [CC BY-SA 3.0]

Although some will say Please Please Me was The Beatles first number one single, it was their next single From Me To You, which topped the Record Retailer chart – which later became the Official UK Singles Chart – on May 2 1963

As charts statistics go The Beatles biggest rival ever was Elvis Presley. The Beatles may have gained more number ones than any other UK musician or band, but their mighty 17 chart-toppers are beaten by Elvis’s 21.

The Beatles gained 17 number ones but their first single to make the Top 40, Love Me Do, in 1962 peaked at number 17.

She Loves You was the band’s second number one and the single which made them an international hit. It became the biggest selling single of the year, of the decade and, for the next 14 years, of all time – until Paul and Linda McCartney’s group  Wings sold 2.05 million copies of Mull of Kintyre in 1977

A small number of acts have replaced themselves at UK number one. The Beatles were one, John Lennon was another, and the third was, not suprisingly, Elvis.

Some Other Facts

  • Total weeks on chart =1278
  • Number Ones=17
  • ranked no.1 on VH1’s 100 greatest artists of rock and roll
  • Ranked no.25 on VH1’s sexiest artist






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