Mini Cooper by Connor and Christopher

We have been giving the task to find a event which happened in the 60’s and write about it.

We have chosen to do the Mini Cooper Mark 2 as it is interesting and it was a late release in the 60’s.

The Mini Cooper Mark 2 is also called the Morris Cooper and the Morris Miner Mark 2. It was made in 1969. The Mark 2 got famous by being in the film , The Italian Job , that featured in a car chase.

Mini produced 429,000 Mark 2’s, its engine size was 998cc and it was £631.

In the late 60’s issigonis had been working for a replacement for the original mini. That was ws supposed to be shortere and more powerful than the Mark 1, but  due to management decisions at BMC it was not built. Instead of that the Mark 2  was released, featuring a redisigned front grille which remained like that font that point, and also a larger rear window among other cosmetic changes.

Mark 1 Mini by Sicnag [CC BY 2.0]

Mark 1 Mini by Sicnag [CC BY 2.0]

There are many mini coopers and the newest model is the Paceman  which is about £80,000. It has go-kart handling and is very quick. it was produced in early 2013 and is one of the most popular mini’s.

You can design your own paceman the exterior and interior. It is a  four wheel drive car and is very good in the snow and other rough terain. The new coupe the most advanced mini there has ever been and one of the first four wheel drives. Its handling is very light and dosen’t wobble. There are four engines available for the mini cooper paceman. The 121bhp Cooper, the 181bhp Cooper S petrols, 110bhp Cooper D and 141bhp Cooper SD diesels.


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