Gingerism By Orla and Eva

Discrimination and racism are not term usually associated with what is now known as ‘gingerism’.

But with hate crimes against red heads rising we are forced to face an unfortunate fact.  Gingerism is real.

Throughout history people with red hair have been known as many things, witches, devil children, ~Vampires and apparently, have no souls. During the second world war hitler actually banned people marrying red-haired people in Aztec Britain these poor red-haired folk were sacrificed so that the devil would not plague their town. Of course these myths are not true though there are some facts that affect most red hair owners.

The cause of red hair is actually a mutation of the MC1R gene and this also causes the easily burned fair-skinned factor of a red-haired life. the MC1R gene does not always mean red hair, it is also associated with Parkinson’s disease and means most red-haired people have a higher chance of developing the disease. But this is not the biggest threat the red-haired nation faces.

“Whats the difference between a terrorist and a ginger?”

‘You can negotiate with a terrorist.’

Its Jokes like this that taint the lives of red heads everywhere. a Family from Newcastle were driven out of their house by a gang of ruthless young people bullying  them for the colour of they and their children’s hair. They were targeted for over two years, their house broken into, stolen bins, broken windows, the side of their house had to be power washed three times because of rude and disgusting things being painted and sprayed on in a neon orange.

The family of four, in which the children were seven and ten, contacted the police frequently but were never given support nor was this gang stopped. Eventually the family moved away and now help run a campaign for red heads everywhere. They were disgusted by the behaviour against them, they had never done anything against this gang of young adults and teens, they were simply singled out because of their colour of hair.

In another case, a man was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. After a night in London a man in his early thirties boarded a train home to Seven Oaks, the train CCTV shows that there were a few others in his carriage that obviously never helped. A stop goes by and a group of rowdy, drunk men get on and notice our red-haired friend sitting on his phone. As time goes by the men steal his phone, bag and are shoving him about. He manages to get his bag back the one of the men smashes his phone and our guy gets off the train three stops early just to escape them. After this the police don’t know what exactly happened, but there is evidence that the poor, innocent guy got stabbed in the back by one of the men on the train who followed him off. he suffered severe blood loss, and before he was able to give any evidence or even a statement on the events, died later in hospital from a punctured lung.

It’s truly horrible the stories that we hear about on the news, racism, murders and worse, but Gingerism is not a widely known occurence yet its just as bad as racial abuse. Thanks to the gene that causes the reddy orange shade of their hair people everywhere are targeted and bullied. People with red hair also face a looming possibility of developing Parkinson’s disease, early wrinkles or even skin cancer due to a vitamin D build up inside their bodies.

No-one knows why red heads are singled out like this but gingers everywhere are getting their own back, Ginger walks and charities are being run all across Britain and in America.

Led by Canadian comedian Shawn Hitchins, Gingers everywhere came to Glasgow to march the Royal mile On a national ‘Ginger Pride Walk’ that made the country smile. this will soon become an annual occurence to stop prejudice against gingers everywhere.

Did you know that Ruadh gu brath is Gaelic “Red heads forever”

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3 thoughts on “Gingerism By Orla and Eva

  1. Emma

    I thought your story about “gingerism” is a brilliant story about a horrible thing happening in the world. It was truly inspiring about the truth of “gingerism” and inspires me too contribute to the campaign.

  2. daniel

    I agree with this entirely all discrimination is awful and is a serious problem it happens way to much in this society a lot of my friends get discriminated for being homosexual and i try to help them through this is a very helpful blog.


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