How Christmas Came About! by Patrick, Jamie and Sean

Christmas a time of giving and happiness but it’s not original.

Christmas is the same day as the pagan* celebration of the light of the world (the God Mithras’s birthday) which takes place on the 25th December.  The Pagans celebrate this event by giving each other presents and taking trees into their houses and decorating them (sounds familiar).

Saturnalia is also a celebration that takes place at this time of year in which the Pagans believe that their sins have to be cured.  To do this they chose one man or women and treat them with food and wealth and sacrifice them on the 25th of December.  They believe this cured their sins.

Christmas tree by PereslavlFoto [Licence: CC BY-SA 3.0]

Christmas tree by PereslavlFoto [Licence: CC BY-SA 3.0]

Christmas first really came about to be recognised when Emperor Constantine became the first Christian emperor on his death-bed.  After his death the Roman empire changed from Pagan to Christian. As every one enjoyed the festival of light the reformed Roman empire just kept the traditions.

From then on  Mithras became Jesus and the festival of Mithras became Christmas.

*(Pagans believe in multiple gods just like the Romans have Jupiter, the Greeks have Zeus and Norse have Odin, other Pagans have Mithras God of the light of the world.)



Information from our own knowledge,


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