St John Paul II By Mateusz.B, Mateusz.C and Adrian.M


Pope John Paul II in Brazil, 1997 [Licence: Agência Brasil, CC-By-3.0-br]

Pope John Paul II in Brazil, 1997 [Licence: Agência Brasil, CC-By-3.0-br]

In class we are reading a book called Millions in this book a character called Damian and he is obsessed with saints. We got a task to research about a saint and we choose John Paul II.

He was born on 18th 1920, Wadowice, Poland,  which is known as Kraków. He died on Saturday 2nd of April 2005 on 9:37 pm. After his death his doctor told everyone that he died because of the Parkinson’s Disease and he had a heart attack. Everyone that seen him they cried.

He had a hard childhood his mum died when he was 9 and his brother Edmund died at the age of 26. His interest in sports were skiing and swimming. He went to Sagiellon University in 1938. At this time he was interested in theater. John Paul II also spoke 10 different languages such us Polish, Latin, Italian, French, German, English, Spanish, Croatia, Portugal and Russian he spoke these languages fluently. He became a pope in 1978 and he was a pope for 27 years.

John Paul II went to lots of countries he really wanted to help people and he wanted to bless lots of children. John Pope II was a pope nearly all of his life, he was really kind and caring but he had a very hard childhood. John Paul II was threaten lots of times because he was good to people and because he was Polish. Did you know? That when John Paul II was going out to people he was in a special car and that car had a bullet protective glass so no one shot him.

He became a Saint because he made lots of changes in the Catholic church and he also helped lots of people. He become a saint in 2013 when he was canonized. We chose that special Saint because we enjoyed researching about him and also because he became a Polish saint in the 21st Century.

 information taken from ;
 John Paul II, 12th September 2014
John Paul II, 11th September 2014

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