St. Rose Of Lima, by Lia and Paulette.

Saint Rose of Lima [Licence: Nheyob [CC-BY-SA-3.0]

Saint Rose of Lima by Nheyob [Licence: CC-BY-SA-3.0]

In English we are doing a book called ‘Millions’ by Frank Cottrell Boyce. In the book, the main character Damian has an obsession with Saints. This is why we are researching saints.

The saint we have picked is Rose Of Lima because she was mentioned in the book. She was born 20th of April 1586 in Lima, Peru, to mother Maria d’Olivia and father Gasper de Flores. Her real name is Isabel Flore de Olivia and she had nine brothers and sisters altogether. Some sources say she was born to a well off rich family, others believe she was poor. It is just something we will never know.

Growing up she supported her family with her needle work and tended to their garden. Eventually with her brothers help she built a hut / hermitage and moved into the garden (something the main character does in the book). She later began to see visions and hear voices from Our Lady. She had communion daily and took the name of Rose at her confirmation in 1597 at the age of eleven or twelve. At the age of twenty she started helping the poor, the sick and the hungry.  She would take them home and look and look after them. She later set up a room for the homeless and the elderly.

Rose of Lima was so beautiful she rubbed her face with pepper so boys weren’t tempted by her. She took a vow of virginity and refused to marry.

They claim she was inspired by St Catherine of Sienna. Rose devoted her life to charity whilst living a life of mortification.

She died August 25th 1617 in Peru, age thirty-one. Many miracles followed her death. She requested for her body to be buried in the cloister of St Dominic’s Church.

She was the very first saint of ‘The new world’ now known as America. She was canonized by Pope Clement X in 1671. She is the Patron saint of Latin Americans and the Philippines. Her feast day is August 23rd.

In conclusion, Rose of Lima went through a lot of pain in her short life to become a saint. She has a well deserved place in Heaven and we really enjoyed researching her. We have learned a lot doing this project.


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