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‘Divided City’ is a book that we have recently read in our English class. Theresa Breslin has demonstrated our topic, friendship, in a good way with two young boys, Joe and Graham, whose friendship is very important to them – not just football.  The boys have a very strong relationship with football and this helps them overcome their differences.

Most people’s definition of friendship is trust, respect, loyalty and affection for each other.  Friendship is when two people have similar interests and enjoy spending time with each other.  If you have a true friend, then they will know you better than yourself and they will always stand by you no matter what.  The will put up with your dramas and they will be there through tough times.  A famous quote about friendship is:

”If you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, then you haven’t learned anything.”

Muhammed Ali

Why do we need friends?  We need friends because without them we would be lonely, lost, have no-one to turn to and no-one to rely on.  We need friends because they are one of the most important relationships that we could have.  If you have a good friend some of the affections you may discover might be: they will listen to you, care for you, love you, tell you their secrets, want the best for you and help you through your worries.  Sometimes you might not realise how good a friend you’ve got untill you lose them and realise how much they really are worth to you.

Some people find it hard to make friends because maybe they are too shy and not confident enough to ask but, when they do ask, they feel a whole lot better.  Sometimes saying ‘Hi’ or smiling at someone could be the start of a friendship.  Friendship usually starts with meeting up with people, through other people or being at school/work together.  You could even just have a general chat to get to know them better and know their interests, personality and hobbies to create a new relationship with someone.  In class when we read the novel ‘ Divided City ‘, there were two boys in it called Joe and Graham.  Joe and Graham were friends not just through the interests of football but the interests of other stuff outside of their football career.

In addition to this, friendship is a very important part of our lives.  Some people find it easy or difficult to make them.  Friends are really important to us and everyone should have one.  In our opinion, friendship means trust, love, care and respect for one another.  Learning more about friendship made us think and realise that good friends are hard to find and we should be grateful that we have them.


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