Gangs in America by Gunther and Liam

We recently read Theresa Breslin’s book, “Divided City” and we had to pick a subject which is shown in the book. We decided to pick the subject ‘gangs’ and we looked a bit further and decided to research the gangs in the United States of America.

The present gangs in the United States of America include these very dangerous gangs: The MS-13 Bloods, The 18th Street gang and much, much more. One of the most famous gangs in America is Hell’s Angels who have members all over the world including the U.K, Germany, Netherlands, Spain and even Australia. If you don’t know what a gang is, it’s sometimes based upon ethnicity or territory.

We also researched about gang wars in America and we found found a really famous gang battle that was in Chicago which was called the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre. It was a battle between the North Side gang as well as the South Side gang. It was on Valentine’s day. The North Side gang planned an attack on the South Side gang. They planned to do a fake raid from the police and come in and shoot them but, on the day, the South Side gang leader saw the cops and did not go in to the building so when the North Side gang went in, they lined them up on the wall and shot them down. One of the victims was shot by a twelve gauge shotgun and half his face was gone. A civilian walk in after the shooting and saw the bodies and called the police.

We think American gangs was a good subject to cover for Theresa Breslin’s ‘Divided City’ book because it shows how even one of the biggest countries  in the world still has so many problems with people having gang battles on the streets, just like the gang attack on Kyoul.

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