Knife Crime by Holly and Michaela

The past few weeks we have been reading the novel “Divided City” by Theresa Breslin which included some incidents of knife crime and we wanted to find out some statistics. We found out some shocking figures and we would like to share them.

The research that we looked at showed many different reasons for people carrying knives or other sharp objects. One of the main reasons that we looked at was for protection; the research showed that people felt safe when they knew they had something to protect them if anything ever happened. Other reasons are that people feel important when they know they have something that scares others – they can use that to their advantage. The reason that is the most distressing is that people carry knives with the intention to harm someone, whether it is planned or used in self-defence. None of these reasons excuse the handling of a knife because it is illegal.

During our research, we found some shocking statistics. For example in the year of 2012, there were 29,613 recorded incidents involving knives. According to the crime survey for Britain in 2011 and 2012, a knife was used in 6% of all incidents of violence and at the end of June there were 19,382 disposals given for possession of a knife. Also in the last year more than 20 teenagers have died of knife crime attacks and up to 1,000 people a month are victims of knife crime.

The punishments given for the possession of a knife vary depending on the circumstances. Statistics show that offenders caught carrying a knife are receiving longer sentences than people of a couple of years ago. The number of people given a prison sentence rose by 44% between 2012 and 2013 but the custody rate for people between the age of 10 and 17 was just 10%. If caught with a knife in school, depending on the circumstances, you could get up to 4 years in jail.

The effects of knife crime can affect the whole town in which it is happening, or even the country, and many people fear it is getting worse. If you look at the figures, the highest numbers are in the same areas because if one person starts to do it then other people see it as a suitable way to go about your life.

The facts we have found show some shocking figures about knife crime. We have learned that knife crime in the U.K is at a very high rate. The amount of people who are killed because of knives is shocking but no-one really does anything about it. We have looked at lots of different areas such as the effects, the statistics and the punishments. The punishments given to people who use knives are mostly just cautions, depending on the circumstances, but we think they should be given harsher punishments. Also, we think that more people should know the statistics of knife crime because maybe it would make them think twice about doing it or maybe more people would do more to stop it. We also hope that over the years the figures of knife crime will drop and it won’t be so common.


Word cloud created by Holly and Michaela about knife crime


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Word cloud created by Holly and Michaela about knife crime,









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