Show racism the red card By Adam and Jamie

Show racism the red card is mostly advertised during football games. religion is a big part of racism . this also known as sectarianism which i learned about in a book i recently read called “divided city” which is written by an author called Theresa Breslin . Sectarianism is when people fight with or dislike people because of the other persons religion . It happens a lot between Catholics and protestants . In this book the author talks mostly about the two big Glasgow teams the Rangers and Celtic  here is some more info about the book . Divided City is about a boy named Kyoul who gets stabbed off a gang  in the city of Glasgow for being an asylum seeker . It also talks about racism and sectarianism during football matches and that is what has inspired us to write about an association that works on racism in football .

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Show racism the red card stopped for a while because racism stopped for a few years and then it started again in 2001 so show racism the red card came back together to stop this once and for all but sadly it there is still racism during football matches today ! People think it has been kicked out of football but actually it has not it has just been made more tricky and hard to deal with .people think that racism is OK but if they get caught being racist they will be arrested for offence . if they are being racist in any way or form you will be punished .

In football if you are found guilty of being racist you will serve a ban and be fined because racism is illegal in the U.K . they make activities for young people to fight against racism .

there are four different main reasons why people are targeted for four different reasons one of the reasons is skin colour because people think they are different . BUT THEY ARE NOT

Another way people are being targeted is by a persons culture . Culture is what a person does everyday or how they celebrate . .asylum seekers come from other countries because their country is too dangerous . They get targeted a lot because they celebrate different things or the religions they have . People target them because they  are different to everyone else .

The last issue that we are studying is Nationality . Nationality is an issue because people by people getting bullied by their skin colour which we have already covered  and Nationality. Nationality can be very racist because some people have came from a bad background .

thanks for reading about our chosen group SHOW RACISM TH RED CARD.










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