Smingus Dingus by Marcel

The celebration I have chosen to write about is the Polish tradition of  ‘Smingus Dingus’ (this can be translated as wet Monday). This celebration is relatively simple but very interesting. It happens on April 1st.

Back in the old days boys would pour water over girls or sneak into their houses and pour water on them while they were still in their beds. The more water is poured on them, the higher are chances  they have of getting married. Sometimes the ‘victim’ would be dropped into a river while still sleeping in bed.

There is a rhyme that is said : ” Dyngus, dyngus po dwa jaja, nie chce chleba tylko jaja.” (This translates as”Dyngus dyngus, for two eggs , i don’t want bread but eggs”). On the next day both  the girls would pour water on each other in act of revenge.

Michał Elwiro Andriolli [Public Domain]

Michał Elwiro Andriolli [Public Domain]

 Although this is quite interesting, sadly this tradition is not being celebrated as much as it was before and its more likely to be forgotten in about years to come, as less and less people celebrate it.



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