Norouz by Fatemeh

What is NOROUZ?

Norouz is a traditional feast that is celebrated in countries such as:

Iran, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Zanzibar(in Tanzania).

It’s not exactly specified in which period of time Norouz came and we don’t know exactly the reason of Norouz; but there are some sources that give us some histories and reasons of Norouz.

In Shahnameh of Ferdosi, the great Poet of Iran, they name Kiumars as the founder of Norouz,  King Jamshid during crossing Azerbaijan, ordered to put a throne and he sat down on it with a golden crown. With sunlight in his golden crown, the world went luminous, people celebrated and named the day Norouz feast.

Also on 538 BC, in the period of Achaemenian, the Great King, Koorosh, named this day as a celebration and everybody brought presents and gifts for him.

The Ethics before Norouz

Housecleaning: A few days or even a few months before Norouz, people start to wash and clean their houses and all the stuff in it. People in Iran, Tajikistan, Afghanistan do this for Norouz.

Charshanbe Souri: People celebrate The Last Friday of the Year by fire bugging and jumping over it and saying “The yellowness of you is from me (diseases) and redness of me is from you (I think freshness).”

They go to each other’s door and ask for sweeties and nuts (something like Trick or Treat in Halloween).

They also make big noises and fun with firecrackers.

Table Linen of Norouz

We put a special table linen for Norouz and call it it “Sofreh  Haft-Sin”. Sofreh means table linen, Haft means 7 and Sin means the word “S”.

We put 7 main things that their name starts by “S” in Persian language. Each of them represents a good and living meaning: Sir (Garlic), Sib (Apple), Sabzeh (Brunette), Senjed (Sea-buckthorn), Serkeh (Vinegar), Samanoo (Kind of dish prepared from the juice of germinating wheat), Somagh (Sumac), Sekkeh (Coin) and…

We also put a Quran, goldfish, nuts, a mirror and pastry.

In the moments before new year people pray.

In the new year, people wear new clothes,  visit each other. The older people give younger ones money and gifts. The common food for the new year’s meal is a special vegetable rice and fish.

We’ve got 15 days off for Norouz.


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