Spanish Carnival by Muzamal

tagxedo muzamal

  • The celebration I have chosen to write about is the Spanish Carnival.

    The Spanish Carnival:

    Carnival is a season that happens only once a year and is immediately  before Lent. The main event is usually during in February. Carnival is a public celebration or parade combining masks and a public street party. People dress up or masquerade. In Germany  and the Netherlands, Carnival season is traditionally open on 11/11 (often at 11:11 am ).

    Barcelona celebrates the carnival in a special way. Carnival in Barcelona is a time to enjoy for everyone. It happens  before Ash  Wednesday when the 46 days leading to Easter begins.

    Carnival , is celebrated in all central Europe and is celebrates in Catalonia also. One disguises oneself  and attends carnival events and parades, which are very colourful. 

    The grand parade takes place in Barcelona normally on Friday. The grand parade is about 2000 participants and about 72 vagons and runs aproximately 2000m along the Avinguda del paral.lel. 

People at the carnival by amaianos [CC BY 2.0]

People at the carnival by amaianos [CC BY 2.0]


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