Christmas stocking by Christopher

The celebration i have chosen to write about is Christmas and Christmas stockings. Most Christians celebrate  this tradition. Christmas stockings started in Europe althought there is no written history of the Christmas stocking.

Hanging Christmas stockings is a modern tradition and you usually hang them on the fire place. A Christmas stocking is usually shaped like a sock and they are brighty coloured and Santa puts small presents in them.

The tradition is that Christmas stockings  hang on the fire place on Christmas Eve children usually open them on Christmas morning and find out what is in them.

The Christmas stocking is very important and it is just as important as the Christmas tree. Even  in some house the pets have their own Christmas stockings. The Christmas stocking  comes in all different sizes and colour and sometimes have names on them.

A long time ago Christmas stockings were filled with lots of different things like apples oranges sweets and small toys.

Sock icon by Zeus Box [CC BY-SA 3.0]

Sock icon by Zeus Box [CC BY-SA 3.0]


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