St Andrew’s Day by Mia C

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The tradition i have chosen to write about is St Andrews Day . This tradition is usually celebrated in Scotland but it is also celebrated in different countries such as Barbados , Romania, Russia and Ukraine. This tradition is celebrated because a man called Andrew the Apostle was crucified on a saltire shaped diagonal cross.  That’s why the Scottish flag has a saltire shaped diagonal cross on it. St Andrew was known as the very first apostle. In Edinburgh there is a week of celebrations concentrating on musical entertainment and traditional ceildh dancing. In Scotland they eat haggis on St Andrews Day . 

Personal advice

St Andrew by Jim Bain [CC BY-SA 2.0]

St Andrew by Jim Bain [CC BY-SA 2.0]

Personally I think St Andrews Day should be a holiday for everybody.

What our school did on St Andrew’s day

In Our Lady’s High School we celebrated St Andrew’s Day. We pay particular attention as one of our school houses is named after St Andrew.  We sold little tartan bows and we paid to get our face painted. We had a non uniform day we wore tartan instead . All the money that we made went to St Andrews hospice .




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    We enjoyed reading this article because it has informed us on many new things , while still being bright and eye catching whilst still informative.


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