To my Rabbit

O’, Toffee bunny eyes so blue,

I couldn’t resist buying you,

Wi’ lugs so lang I really knew,

That you belong,

An’ now we know that this is true,

Our bond is strong.


You want a treat when I come hame,

Alone all day is a wee shame,

Alas! Calm doon an’ play a game,

Footie’s our fun,

I can’t play football which is lame.

Ah’ll be number 1!


But dare ah bring ye in thy hoosie?

As you act just like a wee mousie,

An’ run aroon like a heidless goosie,

Vandalising our table.

Cause you find it just a wee bit juicy

Like the cables.


You didnae go near maw’s new sandal,

Or knock o’er the scented candle,

That’s just why da calls you the vandal.

To yer hutch ye go,

An’ leavin you alone with the locked handle,

Remember I love you!


                 By Ciara S


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