The Story of J.F.K. by Caitlin, Massimilo and Sara

John F Kennedy. Photo by Cecil Stoughton [Public Domain]

John F Kennedy. Photo by Cecil Stoughton [Public Domain]

In English we have been reading a book called The Fire Eaters by David Almond which was set in the 1960’s, specifically 1962. So we got a chance to pick a topic in groups and we chose John Fitzgerald Kennedy , because he had a very interesting life.

It was May 29th 1917 when a new American president was born in Brooklyn although at the time he did not know he was going to be a future president ; his name was John F. Kennedy. John did not have a happy childhood. He was often ill and because of that he read a lot of books. He lived with his mother Rose Elizabeth Kennedy, father Joseph Kennedy, and he was one of nine children in the Kennedy family. Kennedy’s father was a wealthy man and came from a Catholic background. Kennedy’s father, Joseph Kennedy, served the Democratic Party for many years

Joseph made a lot of money through his lifetime and pushed his sons to do their best.

Time passed, Kennedy got older and started to do something with his life. Kennedy ran for President of America and won by a narrow vote in the 1960’s .When John Fitzgerald Kennedy was president he proposed a lot of ideas like landing the first man on the Moon and he was the first president to dance with a black women at a inaugural ball. Kennedy had a lot of problems to handle including the Cuban Missile Crisis which appears in The Fire Eaters but we are going to go further ahead in time to November 22nd 1963.

Kennedy was in Dallas, Texas. People were cheering for him; it was a nice sunny day. But then suddenly BANG!!! Kennedy was shot. The first bullet passed through his neck and struck Governor Connally leaving him unconscious. Kennedy was hit again but this time it was fatal because the bullet struck him in the head.

In conclusion, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was a kind, generous and important man who will always be remembered by the USA.

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