Daniel & Sam- Joseph Stalin Dictatorship

The book we have been studying in our English class ‘Talking In Whispers’ by James Watson is a book which follows the journey of young man named Andres who rebelled against the Junta, the dictators of Chile. This sparked an interest in dictatorship which led to us researching information on the infamous Joseph Stalin.

Joseph Stalin formally known as Losig Vissarionovich Dzhgashvih was born on the 18th of December 1879, He was quite a small man at 5’4′ but this didn’t stop him being a ruthless leader. He got given the name ‘Stalin’ In Prison which means ‘Man Of Steel’. He was sent to Kutaisi Prison after coordinating an attack on the Rothchild plant in Butan. In 1929 Stalin became a supreme dictator, he sent millions to labour camps or killed them. In 1935 Stalin then started ‘The Purge’. This was a time where if somebody tried to compete against Stalin he would kill them, Stalin couldn’t be overthrown.

During the  Second World War Hitler tried to invade the city of Stalingrad (which Stalin renamed after himself.)  but Joseph Stalin defeated Hitler because he understood how important the weather was while planning battles in the cold climate of Russia.  Although he won on this occasion, he  still got 20 million people killed.

Although he was a ruthless and terrible man, there was a more cultured side to him. Stalin enjoyed movies- he had a movie theatre in each house he owned. He wrote lyrics to songs and also coached actors. He liked the pianist Maria Yudina so much he  insisted on obtaining a record of her performing Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 23.

Stalin. Photo by Sek Keung Lo [Licence: CC BY-NC 2.0]

c Stalin. Photo by Sek Keung Lo [Licence: CC BY-NC 2.0]

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