Modern Gangs in Glasgow by Ishvir and James

We chose modern gangs in Glasgow as our topic because it sounded intriguing and we liked the sound of learning about the behaviour of so-called ‘Neds.’ We did this topic because it links in with the book ‘Divided City’ through the behaviour of the gang who attacked Kyoul.

We found out that there are around 900 known gangsters in Glasgow. There are 48 active gangs in Glasgow selling drugs, counterfeit goods and illegal tobacco, as well as being involved in money laundering. They also use legitimate businesses to do this. Gangs only care about making money and don’t care about the consequences.

We also found that Glasgow’s crack crime police squad have been able to arrest 570 gangsters and have taken more than £13 million in illegal assets from gangsters all over Glasgow.

Another thing we found out was Andy Gunn (head of the Organised Crime Unit in Glasgow) said that serious gangsters are driven by power and profit and that they deal in anything from drugs to human trafficking to taxi firms and tanning salons. Mr Gunn also said that gangs find weaknesses in a community and then they penetrate it so crime takes over.

One of the most famous gangs in Glasgow was the Calton Tongs until 2007 when they were caught out. They had caused mayhem and chaos for 60 years. Their territory was known as the ‘Tong-land’. There were a lot of gangs like this one. They were called Young Peelglen Team, Yokerlangy, Young Shields Mad Squad and The Young Springburn Peg. There are many more.

In conclusion, we believe that gangs in modern day Glasgow are a real problem as they sell drugs and are involved in countless illegal activities. What shocked us was that there are over 900 gangsters and there is a police unit that specifically hunts down the gangsters. Glasgow could solve the problem by having more police officers working undercover in the gangs across Glasgow.

Glasgow Transport Police by trawets1 [Licence: CC BY-NC-ND 2.0]

Glasgow Transport Police by trawets1 [Licence: CC BY-NC-ND 2.0]


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