Theresa Breslin Blog by Stephen and Paul

In class we read the book ‘Divided City’ by Theresa Breslin and we then decided to write a blog about her.

Theresa Breslin was brought up in a small town in Scotland called Kirkintilloch. This was next to old castles, Roman walls and old burial grounds which helped her imagination when she was a child. Theresa would avoid school work as much as possible so she could find a quiet place to read or to write books.

Theresa Breslin by J L Macfadyen [USed with permission]

Theresa Breslin by J L Macfadyen [Used with permission]

Theresa Breslin has written over thirty books and has won more than five writing medals. Theresa has also been runner up in literature competitions several times too. She won the Red Book Award and one of the medals she won was the Carnegie Medal. One of her earlier books was made in 1988 and published then too.

Theresa thinks that it is very important to do research on her books and she loves doing this research. 

In 2001, she was asked to speak at a conference in the United States of America. Just one month before then, the twin towers had been attacked by terrorists. When she was over in America, there were lines as long as a block outside the army offices. This was because people wanted to fight for their country. It was like America were in the world war again.

Theresa Breslin by J L Macfadyen [Used with permission]

Theresa Breslin by J L Macfadyen [Used with permission]

When Theresa was in Flanders, she would often see people laying poppies or flowers next to the youngest soldiers. This is how she was inspired to write the story ‘Ghost Soldier.’ 

In conclusion, we found out quite a lot of facts about Theresa Breslin and how she has grown as a writer, as well as her origins. Also, we saw her take an emotional trip with some of her books, such as ‘Ghost Soldier.’ One of the books that we read was ‘Divided City’ and it was very good. Theresa Breslin is a very good writer and should keep on writing good books. 



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