S2 Blogging 2016

2nd year English classes will be writing blogs based on the novels and dramas they are studying in class.

You will work in pairs or small groups to research different themes and subjects which appear in your literary studies and will write a blog report. All of their your work will be published on this site when complete.

Glasgow location by  K851jg2 [Creative Commons licence]

Glasgow location by K851jg2 [Creative Commons licence]

Success criteria for blogs.

Blogs will

  • include only relevant information, with an introduction and conclusion
  • include at least one copyright free image
    – add the URL to the place in your blog you want it to appear
    – Wikimedia Commons has lots of great material you can look at
  • include at least one hyperlink to another website
  • include tags and categories to help searchers
  • avoid any plagiarism
  • avoid any bias
  • be laid out so it can be clearly read online
  • be between 300-500 words
  • include a list of sources consulted

Pupils will

  • understand the meaning of a blog
  • become familiar with simple applications of WordPress software
  • understand basic copyright guidelines, including Creative Commons and Public Domain

Mrs Jeffrey’s class is studying Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare
Mr Kerr’s class is studying The Fire Eaters by David Almond
Miss McGhee’s class is studying Divided City by Theresa Breslin
Mrs Mitchell’s class is studying Goodnight Mr Tom by Michelle Magorian

Remember the world will be able to read your work. Good luck!


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