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S2 Blogging 2016

2nd year English classes will be writing blogs based on the novels and dramas they are studying in class.

You will work in pairs or small groups to research different themes and subjects which appear in your literary studies and will write a blog report. All of their your work will be published on this site when complete.

Glasgow location by  K851jg2 [Creative Commons licence]

Glasgow location by K851jg2 [Creative Commons licence]

Success criteria for blogs.

Blogs will

  • include only relevant information, with an introduction and conclusion
  • include at least one copyright free image
    – add the URL to the place in your blog you want it to appear
    – Wikimedia Commons has lots of great material you can look at
  • include at least one hyperlink to another website
  • include tags and categories to help searchers
  • avoid any plagiarism
  • avoid any bias
  • be laid out so it can be clearly read online
  • be between 300-500 words
  • include a list of sources consulted

Pupils will

  • understand the meaning of a blog
  • become familiar with simple applications of WordPress software
  • understand basic copyright guidelines, including Creative Commons and Public Domain

Mrs Jeffrey’s class is studying Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare
Mr Kerr’s class is studying The Fire Eaters by David Almond
Miss McGhee’s class is studying Divided City by Theresa Breslin
Mrs Mitchell’s class is studying Goodnight Mr Tom by Michelle Magorian

Remember the world will be able to read your work. Good luck!


To my Phone

O’ sma’ but delicate device

Has nearly taken o’er ma life

Got ma phone fae ma father’s wife

Ma first mobile

She brought it when she came fae Fife

When a wis just a child


Aw the apps they make me laugh

Have ah taken the wrong path?

Ah’ve still got time to take a bath

Don’t drop in the tub

Aw naw! This isnae a good laugh

Phone ma dad at the pub


But in the end ah go round the bend

Ah’ve never got time wae my friend

Ah message her and then hit send

Ah’m still oan ma phone

For maself ah now must fend

Ah’ll go to her door


By Erin D

To my Garden

In my garden I have a doll

In my garden my bro’ has balls

In my garden my bro’ has LOLS

Now it is dinner

My bro’ thinks he’s winning, he calls

It’s in my inner


In my garden my bro’ has pals

My bro’s best pal his name is Al

Plays football every day with gals

He hates me much

He hangs around with his real pals

I think he’s Dutch


I’m in my garden day and night

I love my garden, just the sight

I also like to fly my kite

It is so hard

In my garden I ride a bike

I love my yard


By Ciaran L

To my Candy Floss

Oh soft and lovely, sticky heaven

Yer thin and sweet for my good cravin’

Straight out of the big, big oven

It’s good for me!

Ah always eat it with a muffin

O’ ah eat three


Ah love the way it’s like a cloud

It makes me feel so awfy proud

And when the crowd all shout aloud

Och! Yummy Floss!

Stare at machines going round an’ round

I feel so lost


Ah’ve loved it since I was just wee

At the carnival by the sea

It makes me shout a big WOOPEE!

Blue, pink and green

Will always stay in ma memory

And in ma dreams

By Eve M

To my Adidas Shoes

My Adidas shoes are very cool

The really suit me by the pool

Though the prices are very cruel

Ah’m not rich, like

When it comes to shoes ah am no tool

Ah own a bike


The famous three stripes on my shoes

If you don’t have them, then you lose

Tie those laces, they are loose

These shoes are all

Ah wear them if ah have a snooze

They help climb walls


It doesn’t matter what shoes you have

If they’re ugly or if they’re suave

In the house or on the lav

We are the same

Ah know a guy who is a chav

Ah wear them hame


By Matthew O’N


To Mexico

Oh Mexico the place to be

I’ve been going since I was wee

I love to look out at the sea

The water sparkles

The tall and tropical palm trees

The sun it dazzles


Going to the restaurants at night

Looking at the lovely sights

The warm sunrise is very bright

In the hotel

The air conditioning is just right

On holiday I dwell


On the beach I love sun bathing

Thinking the sun will soon start fading

I fall asleep and I’m now baking

Without sun-cream

My body now starts really aching

Always wear sunscreen


By Niah W

To Ma Green Ball

Ma wee football it is so green

It is the best ah’ve ever seen

Ah love it mare than toast and beans

It is ma fave

Ah took it when ah met the Queen

For hur tae save


Ah love tae kick it o’ sae far

Just tae try an’ hit the bar

Ah hope one day ah’ll be a star

Just like Messi

An’ ah will drive a fancy car

It is called Jessi


So here’s the moral ae ma tale

Ah tell you now ah am nae snail

When it is gone am sure ah’ll fail

But that’s OK

Ah’m sure ah won’t end up like Dale

Ah’ll win one day


By Daniel C

To Ice Cream

Oh, creamy, tub of icy delight.

It’s very cold when I take a bite.

You melt so fast when you see the light

Yer different flavours,

The taste of you just very might

Fill my endeavours.


The greatest dream of the young weans,

When eating you I feel so vain,

I’d kill for you, oh just a grain,

Strawberry, chocolate,

Oh all the flavours on the chain,

They would be ate.


Toffee, fudge, and cookie dough,

Through all the flavours I shall mow,

Then to the toilets I will go,

I now must run,

But you really need to know,

This was fun.


By Stephen McG

To Football

There is ninety minutes of time

When done ah hope ah will feel fine

Sae when am runnin’ up the line

Right by the keeper

Ah really, really wantae sign

But if we’re beaten!


Sae when ah put on ma clean kit

It will annoy me a wee bit

The kit is really an awfie fit

But it is tight

Ah might just have to have a sit

That might be right


An’ if ah try ah will play well

But o’ ah might just play like hell

But sometimes now ah cannae tell

Maybe you would

An’ if ah don’t ah will get selt

Ah hope ah couldn’t!


By Paul D


To Fitbaw

O’, fitbaw is a game of pride

It’s just the way you roll n glide

Go up and down an’ side to side

Ne’er to be beat

The parks are long and very wide

Baw at thy feet!


O, fitbaw started long ago

The game is played e’en in the snow

The weather’s bad, the baw is slow

All o’er the world

And when they score the fans will glow

The baw is curled


O, fitbaw is ma favourite game

You never walk away in shame

All other sports are very lame

Played in the court

O, fitbaw is a game of fame

I love the sport!


Geordan O’B