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Puss in Boots by Marcin

In English class we talked about different traditional stories. We decided to watch Shrek to see the different traditional fairy tale characters. We chose  characters to research and my character  is Puss in Boots.

The story of Puss in Boots

A miller had three sons. Then the miller dies. All three sons inherit different things. The oldest son inherits a mill. The middle son inherits mules. The youngest son inherits a cat. The cat wants to make his master rich.  The cat asks for a hat and boots and a sword.

The cat catches rabbits and partridges and gives them to the king. The cat says they are a present from the Marquis of Carabas.  The cat tricks the king into believing that the master is rich so that he can marry the king’s daughter. A coach takes the royals home and the cat goes ahead in front the carriage and tells the people of the town that his master owns the land.

Puss in Boots mascot at Australian premiere, 2011 by Eva Rinaldi [Licence: CC-by-SA-2.0.]

The cat then meets an ogre that has the power to change himself into different  animals. At the end of the story the cat eats the ogre. The carriage arrives at the castle and finally the son gets married to the king’s daughter.

The story was published by French writer Charles Perrault in 1697.

Shrek and Puss in Boots

When Puss in Boots was in Shrek he was a bit different. He is angry, likes fighting and he pretends to be sad with big eyes so he can attack!





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Ogres by Hayden

In  English we have been watching Shrek The Movie. We have chosen to study different  fairy characters.  I am going to research  Ogres. Ogres are ugly. In the film, Shrek, the Ogre is the hero.

Ogres normally eat humans especially children. They are very strong and never stop eating. Ogres tend not to live beyond 30 years. Adult Ogres are normally 9 to 10 feet tall. They weigh between 600 to 650 pounds. There colour is usually dull yellow to dull brown. They usually wear fur and animal hide (leather). They often feature in folklore and mythology. Most of the movie that an Ogre is in are made up stories.

Likeness of Shrek by Carol M. Highsmith [Public domain]


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Pinocchio by Kamil

Recently my class researched fairy tale characters and we watched Shrek 2. I picked Pinocchio to investigate.

The Original Story of Pinocchio

Statue of Pinocchio. Photo by Adrian Michael [Licence: CC BY-SA 3.0]

The original story is of a little marionette who wanted to be a real boy. His story is well worth reading by both grownups and children.

In the original story Geppetto creates Pinocchio from a block of wood because he wants a puppet to go around the world earning money. 

From the start the wood is screaming and giggling and talking. The puppet acts crazy and as the face is carved it stares at Geppetto, his nose keeps growing and makes fun of him.

At the very end, Pinocchio is changed to a real boy because he behaves better and starts to look after Geppetto.

Where’s the story come from?

The tale of the wooden puppet Pinocchio was created by a carpenter in Florence and is one of the most widely known children’s tales.

Who wrote the book?

Carlo Collodi wrote book about Pinocchio in 1883.

The Disney Film

Pinocchio was created as a film in 1940 by Walt Disney Film.

Pinocchio and Shrek

At the end of the film, Shrek, Pinocchio goes to the castle to help Shrek save Fiona before she kisses Prince Charming. The Fairy Godmother shoots a spell at Shrek but it hits Pinocchio who is changed to a real boy. She shoots again and Pinocchio is hit again and turns back into a puppet.