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How Football Brings People Together by Michael and Ciaran

We have chosen to research how football brings people together because it shows how one game can make people happy. We are going to talk about two tournaments in particular: the Homeless World Cup and the Green Brigade Anti Discrimination tournament. This links to the book’ Divided City’ through the Glasgow City football team and how that brought Joe and Graham together.

The Homeless World Cup started in 2001 to help homeless people get active and to compete for their country. The first two years they were not playing for a trophy but, since 2003, they have been. Over 100,000 people take part each year as players, match officials, coaches and more. 74 countries take part each year. The organisation has 70 national partners. A player has been scouted for a professional team in Spain and made a good living out of it after playing in this tournament. This shows that this tournament could change the lives of homeless people.

In the Homeless World Cup, the winners of a match get three points and the loser gets 0 points. In this sport there must be a winner; the game would go to a sudden death penalty shoot-out and if you win the shoot-out you get two points and if you lose you get one point. The pitches are 27 metres long and 16 metres wide and a size five ball is used.

Homeless World Cup 2007 by maltesen [Licence: CC BY 2.0]

Homeless World Cup 2007 by maltesen [Licence: CC BY 2.0]

In the Homeless World Cup there have been many winners :

  • 2003- Austria;
  • 2004 – Italy;
  • 2005 – Italy;
  • 2006 – Russia;
  • 2007 – Scotland;
  • 2008 – Afghanistan;
  • 2009 – Ukraine;
  • 2010 – Brazil;
  • 2011 – Scotland;
  • 2012 – Chile;
  • 2013 – Brazil;
  • 2014 – Chile;
  • 2015- Mexico.

The Green Brigade set up a tournament for mostly refugees and immigrants. It is held in the Garngad every year. All the money raised goes to local foodbanks to help the refugees and immigrants. The Green Brigade take part in this tournament and lots of people turn up each year. It is a very big tournament in Glasgow as the Green Brigade are very popular for the things they do for homeless people.

In conclusion, the Homeless World Cup and The Green Brigade Anti Discrimination tournament shows us that people come together in football all over the world.  These tournaments help the homeless, refugees and asylum seekers; no matter where they came from or what backgrounds they come from they still come together to play football. 


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The Old Firm by Megan and Shannon

Recently in English we have been reading the book, “Divided City” by Theresa Breslin. We have been looking at different topics like Sectarianism, Asylum Seekers and Glasgow. We chose the Old Firm to study and blog about.

The Old Firm is two football clubs, Celtic and Rangers. But when Celtic and Rangers meet it’s not just about football, it’s about politics , religion and different social attitudes. Their first meeting was May 28 1888 when Celtic beat Rangers 5-2.

In the history of the Old Firm there has been lots of violence, injuries and even deaths. In 1995 Mark Scott, who was wearing a Celtic t-shirt, was stabbed walking past a pub full of Rangers fans. Five years later his friends set up an organisation “Nil By Mouth” which campaigns against sectarianism. Both clubs have made an effort to stop sectarianism. And now sectarianism is not as bad as it used to be.

As much as all the chaos surrounding the Old Firm rivalry, fans have been really supportive and matches draw massive crowds. The all time attendance record between the sides was when Hampden Park held an astonishing 132,870 for the Scottish Cup Finals in 1969.  Also Celtic and Rangers together hold 97 League titles, 69 Scottish Cups and 41 League Cups. Rangers’ top scorer was Robert Hamilton and Celtic’s was Jimmy McGrory who nettled 27. Celtic’s biggest win over Rangers came in the 1957 League Cup Final when Celtic beat Rangers 7-1.

Old Firm by Stanmar [Licence: CC BY-SA 3.0]

Old Firm by Stanmar [Licence: CC BY-SA 3.0]

The original support of Rangers was predominantly Protestants. Whilst Celtic have association with Ireland and therefore a majority of supporters were of Catholic backround. It was tied up in religion. Even though the rivalry is on the football pitch and the some Rangers fans don’t get on with some Celtic fans, religion was a factor in the rivalries’ history with Catholics and Protestants divided by their team.

Before we had started on this topic of the Old Firm I had only really looked at the Celtic side of things because most of my family, or all of them are Celtic supporters. I have learned about the Rangers side and I didn’t realise there was so much religion involved in the Old Firm history and it’ll be great to learn more about Celtic and Rangers.


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