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Glasgow Gangs by Michael and Declan

Over the past few weeks we have been researching gangs in Glasgow, due to their role in the plot of ‘Divided City ‘.

Over time,  there have been gangs in Glasgow associated with sectarianism between Catholics and Protestants. One Protestant gang was named ‘The Billy Boys’ who were well known for their love of King Billy. They were soon to be joined by ‘The Norman Conks’, ‘The San Toi’, ‘The Tongs’, ‘The Fleet’, ‘The Govan Team’, ‘The Bingo Boys’ and  large scores of other gangs all of whom were as strong, some even getting political.

For decades, gangs ruled Glasgow’s streets with razors, coshes and broken bottles. Glasgow is notorious for its razor gangs, which operated in the south side of the city during the late 1920’s and 1930’s. They were feared across the UK because of their distinct weapon of choice, razors. Today, many gangs still operate in Glasgow. The Calton Tongs are one of Glasgow’s most feared gangs, who operate in the East End, selling drugs, robbing homes and doing other, some more disturbing, illegal activities.


Clyde Arc by macieklew [Licence CC-BY-SA 3.0]

Some general information on gangs is that gangs are a group of people, often young teens, looking for trouble and that take over a place to make money through some illegal activity like drugs, robbing and bribery. It has been reported that 86 per cent of US cities with about a population of 100,00 people have reported gang activity, which shows it is not as big a problem in Glasgow as it is elsewhere. Most people often say that gangs are a ‘big city problem.’

There are many different gangs in Glasgow, though they operate for very similar reasons. Gangs make Glasgow an unusual and sometimes scary place and they also reflect a bad reputation onto the city because of all the havoc they cause across Glasgow.


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First James Bond Movie By Kate Sophie and Marta

Our topic was to write about an event from the 1960’s. We have picked the very first James Bond film being released which has lead to many more films that are still being produced today.

The first James Bond movie was made in 1962 starring Sean Connery. The title of the film is called Dr. No, it was directed by Terrence Young and was produced by Harry Saltzman. it was releasd on October 6th1962. The genre is action, adventure and crime. It is rated a PG and is approximately 110 minutes long.

In Dr. No, James Bond is sent to Jamaica to investigate another federal agents disapperance which leads him to the underground base of Dr. Julius No. Who wants to plot an American manned launch with a radio beam destroying it.

Dr. No had a low budget of 1 million U.S dollars but was a financial success and is rated 7.3 out of 10 stars on IMDB. The movie starrs Sean Connery, Ursula Andress, Joseph Wiseman, Jack Lord and John Kiltzmiller.

Sean Connery in Dr No [Public Domain]

Sean Connery in Dr No [Public Domain]

The first of  Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels was not Dr. No which was written in 1958. The first of Fleming’s novels was actually Casino Royale which was  earlier released in 1967 as a later film but Dr no makes a few references to the books that were earlier written.

This has led to many more James Bond Movies such as :-

  1. – Dr.No 1962
  2. – From Russia With Love      1963
  3. – Goldfinger   1964
  4. – Thunderball    1965
  5. – You Only Live Twice 1967
  6. – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service 1969
  7. – Diamonds Are Forever 1971
  8. – Live And let Die 1976
  9. – The Man With The Gold Gun 1974
  10. – The Spy Who Loved Me 1977
  11. – Moonraker 1979
  12. – For Your Eyes Only 1981
  13. – Octopussy 1983
  14. – A View To A Kill 1985
  15. – The Living daylights 1987
  16. – License To Kill 1989
  17. – Goldeneye 1995
  18. – Tomorrow Never Dies 1997
  19. – The World is not enough 1999
  20. – Die another day 2002
  21. – Casino Royale 2006
  22. – Quantum of Solance 2008
  23. – Skyfall 2012

Dr. No was a very successful movie and still is to this day, therefore it was an important event in the 1960’s.


James Bond The Secret World Of 007 by Allister Dougall (Great Britain 2000)

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Thanks for reading by Kate, Sophie and Marta.

Victorian Crime and Punishment by Ethan and Adam

Down in the Dungeon by Martin Addison. Licenced with Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.0

Our blog is about crime and punishment in the Victorian era. We are working on the Victorians because of the script we are working on –   Oliver Twist the play.
Crime rates in the Victorian era rose from around 5,000 cases in 1800 to 20,000 cases in 1840. That’s 8 times the amount of 1800.

Different types of crime were treated the same way no matter how big or small. Some minor crimes were drunkenness and prostitution. Another was vagrancy which was when a person wanders around without employment but is perfectly capable of employment. Another minor crime was largency  which was the minor theft of others possessions. This included pick-pocketing which was common among young children; this is the crime that Oliver was blamed for in the play script.
The major crimes in the time were burglary, murder and rape. These crimes were punishable by death of hanging. Another major crime was owing debt to the bank. If you owed debt you would be sent to prison until you paid it off, which is hard to do if you’re in prison, it then fell to your family to pay off your debt and if they didn’t you would stay in prison. These laws were in place until the end of the Victorian era in 1901 when Queen Victoria passed away after almost 64 years on the throne.
A major criminal in the Victorian times was “Jack the Ripper” . This man was considered to be the most notorious criminals of the
19th century. His overall reign only lasted about 12 weeks but this terrifying criminal showed the people of London just how much crime there was in London. Over all the time that Jack the Ripper terrorized London he committed 3-7 murders all of these were prostitutes. After Jack the ripper’s disappearance the London police force was soon introduced. We are studying this topic for our blog, because we are studying the Oliver twist play script for our English class. Thank you for reading our blog about Victorian Crime and Punishment and we hope you enjoyed it and found it interesting. Thank You for reading.