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Elizabethan Theatre Blog by Holly

Today, I am going to be writing a blog about the Elizabethan theatre. I am going to be writing  a blog entry on  Elizabethan theatre because my English class are currently reading ‘Romeo and Juliet’ this term.

The Elizabethan theatre became popular as Queen Elizabeth liked acting and entertainment, however the London authorities did not feel the same way about acting and entertainment so they refused to allow plays within the city

Between 1567-1614 there were 12 amphitheatres built (an amphitheatre is an open air venue which was used to play sports and watch plays). Then between 1576-1629 there were 9 playhouses built (the playhouse was another place you could go and watch plays). One of the most famous playhouses from this time was The Globe. The Globe had a 1500 plus audience capacity and up to 3000 people would rush to The Globe and its grounds. It was built 1597-1598.There was no central heating or even a roof  so the plays were performed in The Globe during summer months. During the winter months the plays would get moved to the indoor playhouses. The Globe has the same wooden poles as the original.

Globe Theatre, London by AndreasPraefcke [Licence: CC BY-SA 3.0]

Globe Theatre, London by AndreasPraefcke [Licence: CC BY-SA 3.0]

Back in 1576 there was a law passed making it illegal to perform/act without a licence. Women were not allowed in the theatre until 1662, meaning men had to play the parts of women for years. Younger men/boys would usually play the parts of women while older men would play the male roles. This meant that there would be no hugging or kissing on the stage.

All in all the Elizabethan theatre was very different to the theatre today. I hope you enjoyed my blog on the Elizabethan theatre and thank you for taking your time to read it-  Holly


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