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Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Euan and Evan

We were learning how to write a blog in English and we had to pick a scary story and the topic we chose to do was Jekyll and Hyde. We chose this because it was interesting and captivating.

The Story of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is a very mysterious and thought provoking story written by Robert Louis Stevenson based on the true events of Deacon Brodie. Dr Jekyll is a man who experiments on himself and only ends up creating a monster that he can’t control. Mr Hyde is a mischievous character who only wants to bring out the worst in Dr Jekyll. Dr Jekyll tries to make pills that can control Mr Hyde but it is difficult because there are people out to get him.

Robert Louis Stevenson was a very clever and strange author. He wrote a few books and one in particular is Treasure Island. The books he wrote tells us about his life and what life was like for him. He was an outstanding person because back in the 1800’s no one would have dreamed of the way he wrote and how he wrote it and he was constantly experimenting with his writing. He was born on the 13th November 1858 in Edinburgh, Scotland. His full name is actually Robert Louis Balfour Stevenson and he came from a long line of lighthouse engineers. During his boyhood he spent his holidays with his grandfather who was a minister and professor of moral philosophy and he shared his love with him through storytelling. It came to be widely known that he was a great writer because everyone was talking about him because Jekyll and Hyde was such a good story and it was a very fascinating story and book. We found a variety of websites that we looked deeply into and we picked all of the key information such as the story of Deacon Brodie and used it to make our story even better.

Deacon Brodie is the man in the original story of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. He was a burglar by day and a criminal by night. He could never control the monster inside him which caused him to be executed in public. He was really just a man who wanted more in life but couldn’t quite get it and all he ended up doing was just ruining his own life.

The TV show Jekyll and Hyde was a very good programme. It was also really interesting and had a very good plot but also very entertaining to watch and there was a new episode on every Sunday night which was broadcast on STV at 7.00pm. It was also brilliant because every week it left you on a cliffhanger and made you want to watch it the next week.

In conclusion we really enjoyed reading and looking deeper into the story of the Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and just getting to grips with the aspects of the whole story. It just shows how a good man can be two different people due to science and him and his mad ways. All he wants to do is just be different and he ends up creating a monster. Our opinion is that we thought that the story was great.


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Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson


Glasgow Gangs by Michael and Declan

Over the past few weeks we have been researching gangs in Glasgow, due to their role in the plot of ‘Divided City ‘.

Over time,  there have been gangs in Glasgow associated with sectarianism between Catholics and Protestants. One Protestant gang was named ‘The Billy Boys’ who were well known for their love of King Billy. They were soon to be joined by ‘The Norman Conks’, ‘The San Toi’, ‘The Tongs’, ‘The Fleet’, ‘The Govan Team’, ‘The Bingo Boys’ and  large scores of other gangs all of whom were as strong, some even getting political.

For decades, gangs ruled Glasgow’s streets with razors, coshes and broken bottles. Glasgow is notorious for its razor gangs, which operated in the south side of the city during the late 1920’s and 1930’s. They were feared across the UK because of their distinct weapon of choice, razors. Today, many gangs still operate in Glasgow. The Calton Tongs are one of Glasgow’s most feared gangs, who operate in the East End, selling drugs, robbing homes and doing other, some more disturbing, illegal activities.


Clyde Arc by macieklew [Licence CC-BY-SA 3.0]

Some general information on gangs is that gangs are a group of people, often young teens, looking for trouble and that take over a place to make money through some illegal activity like drugs, robbing and bribery. It has been reported that 86 per cent of US cities with about a population of 100,00 people have reported gang activity, which shows it is not as big a problem in Glasgow as it is elsewhere. Most people often say that gangs are a ‘big city problem.’

There are many different gangs in Glasgow, though they operate for very similar reasons. Gangs make Glasgow an unusual and sometimes scary place and they also reflect a bad reputation onto the city because of all the havoc they cause across Glasgow.


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A Christmas Dinner in Ireland and Scotland by Lucy, Rachael and Stephen.

In Ireland there are many different foods eaten on Christmas day and it’s the same in Scotland too!

Ireland do not have that many differences in their food compared to the traditional Scottish Christmas dinner. In Ireland they eat smoked salmon, shellfish, celery and spiced beef, which is different from us here in Scotland, as we traditionally have food like carrots, peas, parsnips, turkey and roast potatoes.. Ireland have a lot of the same foods as Scotland does at Christmas time, such as turkey, carrots, peas, ham, broccoli and mashed potatoes.

In Ireland they eat fish as a main course at Christmas time whereas in Scotland fish is not really that popular for a Christmas dinner. Turkey is more popular for a Christmas dinner in Scotland. In Scotland and Ireland desserts are very much the same. For desserts both Ireland and Scotland eat cake pudding.

Bacon wrapped turkey by Dennis Crowley [Licence: CC BY 2.0]

Bacon wrapped turkey by Dennis Crowley [Licence: CC BY 2.0]


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